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Our core values


We work in an enthusiastic and committed team that wants to get the best out of each other, for each other and for the organisation.


We have an inclusive corporate culture where there is room for different people from all backgrounds and cultures. We celebrate each other's differences, empower everyone, and build understanding through trainings and events.

Performance driven

We are driven to get the best out of the organisation, as well as ourselves. We focus on professional and personal growth. This includes coaching, training, and many career opportunities within the organisation.

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Sales Development Representative


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Internship Commercial


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Internship Sales Operations


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Internship AI/LLM/ChatGPT


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Open Internship Vacancy


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Heb je vragen over werken of stage lopen bij The Selection Lab of over een van de vacatures?
Stuur ons gerust een mail of plan een terugbelverzoek in.

Do you have any questions about working or doing your internship at The Selection Lab? Feel free to get in touch via email or schedule a callback.

About us

Based in the heart of Amsterdam, The Selection Lab, as a well-funded HR tech start-up, is working hard to turn the recruitment and selection industry upside down. By combining digital selection tools and AI, we aim to make selecting the right candidates better, more objective, and faster. We do this by being committed, inclusive, and performance-driven and look forward to discovering whether you would fit into our team.

Our purpose? We noticed that current assessment solutions often require hefty investments, are complex and inaccessible, or lack a sound scientific foundation. From the largest multinationals to the smaller SMEs of the Netherlands, we ensure that implementing quality assessments is accessible. No extra costs or jargon, but clear and accessible assessments. With the result of preventing (unconscious) prejudices and thus achieving higher diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace.

Our mission? With The Selection Lab, our mission is to provide the opportunity for everyone to select as well and objectively as possible. Therefore, we contribute to a better future by eliminating prejudice and automating recruitment processes.

Over ons

The Selection Lab, gevestigd in Amsterdam, is als goed gefunde HR tech start-up hard bezig om de werving- en selectie-industrie op z’n kop te zetten. Dit doen we door digitale selectie-instrumenten en AI te combineren, met als doel het selecteren van de juiste kandidaten beter, objectiever en sneller te maken. We doen dit door betrokken, inclusief, en prestatiegericht te werken en kijken ernaar uit om te ontdekken of jij in ons team zou passen.

Ons doel

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Onze missie

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Join a team driven by growth

At The Selection Lab, we are ambitious, and our rapid growth reflects this; in the past three years, we have grown 800%. Joining our team means becoming part of a group driven by growth and delivering extraordinairy results.

Join the celebrations

Growing and achieving go hand in hand with celebrating our successes together. From popping champagne for milestones to dining at a 2-star restaurant to close the year.

Join a workspace that inspires

Located in the heart of Amsterdam, just steps away from the bustling Rokin, with industrial charm and an open workspace, it’s the perfect place to bring your best work to life.

Employee journeys

"At The Selection Lab, I advanced from cold calling to managing a team of four colleagues while personally handling the entire sales process for our smaller and medium prospects, from demo to closing deals—all within just two years."
Team Lead SDR & Account Executive
"Within 2 years, I've quickly progressed from intern to valuable Backend Developer at The Selection Lab, making a significant impact on our product. I know the product inside and out, both backend and frontend, and take full responsibility for the backend in the absence of our CTO."
Backend Developer

Some of our external coaches

Who also coach our starters.
Martine Buis
Ex-CHRO @ Adyen
People & culture coach
Jeroen Nieuwenhuijs
Ex-VP Professional Services EMEA @ Snowflake
Customer success coach
Sandhna Chintoe
Co-CEO @ Cammio
Customer success coach
Niels Rodrigues
Founder @ Brightbound
Sales coach
Weergeven staat het sollicitatieproces wanneer er een kandidaat solliciteert op een vacature bij The Selection Lab

Step 1: application

Are you interested in joining our team? Send in your application!

Step 2: phone chat

If your resume aligns suffciently, we will schedule a (brief) introductory phone chat to get to know each other.

Step 3: assessment

When we are both positive after the phone interview, you will receive our soft skills assessment. This way you can get to know our product and at the same time we can get to know you yet a bit better.

Step 4: interview

If the outcomes of the assessment fit well, we will invite you for an on-site job interview (sometimes more than 1). After the interview(s), we can decide together whether you will get on board.

Step 5: contract

When you get on board and agree on our offer it is time to sign your contract and jointly toast on our the partnership!

*The process can sometimes differ slightly from one job posting to another, due to an additional step relevant to a specific position.

Some of our extras

Daily free lunch
Providing a great and motivating working environment is one of our priorities. As part of this, we provide all our employees with a free lunch, for example.

Weekly drinks
A good team spirit is something we value highly. Our weekly get-togethers give us the perfect opportunity to bond, laugh and grow as a team.

Monthly parties and/or activities
We don't leave it at weekly get-togethers, once a month we take some more time to look back at our progress while enjoying food and a drink (or two) - provided by us, of course.

General moments of celebration
Not only do we believe it is important to achieve our goals as a team, we also like to celebrate our milestones together.

CO2 emissions offset

With The Selection Lab, we consider it important to make a positive contribution not only to the society, but also the environment. We achieve this not only by increasing diversity and inclusivity among our users but also by offsetting all the CO2 emitted by our employees. When you join us, you live completely carbon neutral, leaving no carbon footprint for future generations.

Based on the current CO2 emissions of our employees, The Selection Lab plants trees every month in forest projects in the Netherlands and Vietnam.

Meet the founders

Lotte Welten, the CEO of The Selection Lab

Lotte Welten-Everaers

"I am Lotte, co-founder and CEO of The Selection Lab. I have worked on four different continents with the aim of empowering minorities. I have become convinced that working together is the only sustainable way to fight prejudice. With The Selection Lab, I want to increase diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace and give everyone an equal chance at their dream job."

Joeri Everaers, the COO of The Selection Lab

Joeri Everaers-Welten

"I'm Joeri, co-founder and COO of The Selection Lab. I have a background in marketing and have always been fascinated by the intersection of data and intuition. Since within recruitment and selection choices are still overwhelmingly based solely on intuition, my goal is to add useful data to that process. In this way, with The Selection Lab, I want to ensure that companies start basing their HR decisions more on objective data."

Jordi Wippert, the CTO of The Selection Lab

Jordi Wippert

"I'm Jordi, CTO of The Selection Lab. As CTO of The Selection Lab, I am responsible for developing and maintaining our software. I believe that seamless integrations within (HR tech) ecosystems offer the opportunity to reduce the ever-growing number of tools. At the same time, we strive to build a product that simplifies the work for HR wherever possible."