Diversity is engrained into our DNA

The awareness concerning diversity and inclusion is rising rapidly. Research by McKinsey shows that companies who are more diverse perform significantly better, and homogeneous organisations are being increasingly pressured by societal movements to develop. The Selection Lab strongly supports this movement, and has supported this from the start of its existence.

Technology as a great tool to stimulate inclusion

The Selection Lab was founded by Lotte Welten, our CEO and a long term advocate of diversity and inclusion. As a historian, she researched the rise of the feminist movement in The Netherlands and has been a global inclusion advocate, working in Ghana, Malaysia, Mexico City and The Netherlands to support minorities in a variety of ways. Growing frustrated with the slow processes within NGO's she founded The Selection Lab, determined to structurally stimulate diversity and inclusion via technology.

“My whole career has been focused on increasing diversity and inclusion. Therefore, it is great to see that this movement is rapidly growing stronger.”

Overcoming the 3 major hurdles to diversity

Hurdle 1: People don't apply

The single most heard complaint of companies is that diverse candidates don't apply due to the fear of being rejected. Communication about objective screening methods helps to overcome this.

Hurdle 2: Resume screening is biased

Resume screening is the biggest hurdle for diverse candidates, as it is one of the most biased selection methods. Using assessments at the beginning of the process significantly reduces this bias.

Hurdle 3: Interviews based on gut

People tend to like people who are like them. That's simply the way it is. Non-structured interviews inherently focus on likeability, which is bad for diversity. By structuring interviews, the conversation will be about what really matters, someone's talents.

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“Happy to have found a scientifically validated tool to help us combat biases throughout the process.”

Rachida Alami - DAF Industries

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