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Whether you're hiring one person a year or several thousand, Teamtailor is your all-in-one recruitment solution. More than just an ATS, Teamtailor brings companies and candidates together. Our easy-to-use, candidate-focused software gives you all the tools you need to recruit better, including automated triggers, analytics, anonymous hiring, fully customizable recruitment workflows, a career site, and much more.

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The Selection Lab offers matching-technology that uses assessments to determine the fit between applicants, organisations, and job types, based on soft-skills.

With The Selection Lab's accessible and smart-assessment you can:
- Discover the competencies, motives, cultural preferences, and intelligence of your candidates.
- Compare your candidates with tons of benchmarks.
- Generate the best possible interview questions based on the outcome of the assessment and the role the candidate applied for.
- Provide your candidates with a beautiful and smooth candidate experience.

The Selection Lab <> Teamtailor

The integration between Teamtailor and The Selection Lab offers clients:
- A way to save time (inviting a candidate can be done in a matter of seconds)  
- One place for all of candidate data  
- Improved quality-of-hire by learning a lot more about their candidates using Insights

Using the Teamtailor-integration, you get the option to invite candidates to take an assessment:
- Automatically, when a candidate is moved to a certain stage
- Manually, from within the candidate profile

The result of the assessment will be uploaded to the candidate's profile right after the candidate shares the result.

How to enable the integration?

Note: A user must have a company admin role in Teamtailor in order to be able to set up the integration.


To activate the integration with The Selection Lab, proceed to the Teamtailor-marketplace via your Teamtailor account.

You can find 'The Selection Lab' in the assessments-category. By clicking on 'Activate' you will be redirected to a screen where you can configure the integration.


In the configuration screen, you have two options:

Option 1. You DON'T have a The Selection Lab-account yet.
In this case, you need to provide some basic information that we can use to create a The Selection Lab-account. That is, a company name, a business-email-address and a first- and last-name for personalisation.

Option A: Add the integration to a new The Selection Lab account

Option 2. You already have a The Selection Lab-account.

If you already a The Selection Lab -account, you can link this to your Teamtailor account. This requires an API-key. If you don't have one yet, you can request one in your The Selection Lab account via chat or email: [](

Option B: Add the integration to an existing The Selection Lab account, using an API-key

For both options, in order to proceed, you need to use the (re)validate-button in order to complete your option. If this is successful, a green banner will appear stating: 'Credentials are validated at <date of today>'.

After validate, you must click on 'Update' in order to continue and use your new credentials. In case anything goes wrong during the validation, a red banner will appear stating the error.

How to use the integration?

After activation, the integration becomes available as trigger ('Send The Selection Lab webhook') and in candidate-profiles as integration ('Send webhook. The Selection Lab').

Add The Selection Lab webhook as (automated) trigger

Invite a candidate for an assessment manually via 'Add integrations'

In both options, you're able to select the default communication-language, and the type of assessment. By default, you have 4 different types of assessment. Either a personality assessment or a personality assessment with a cognitive intelligence test. The intelligence test is available on 3 levels.

When a candidate is invited, either automatically or manual, candidate information is sent to The Selection Lab. This includes required data like the first- and last-name and email of the candidate. In combination with the chosen language and assessment-type, The Selection Lab is able to send an invite to the candidate.

After the candidate completes the assessment, a report of the result becomes available to the candidate. The candidate then gets the choice to either share the result, or deny access to the report for companies.

In case the result is shared, a status-update is sent to Teamtailor, containing a completed-status plus a url to the report.

By default, a notification to the user that created the company will be sent upon updates.


If you want to delete the connection between your Teamtailor- and The Selection Lab-account, after you activated it, you can do so by completing the form.

To delete the connection between your The Selection Lab and Teamtailor account, please click on "Revalidate credentials". Your Teamtailor account and The Selection Lab account will not be deleted. After revalidating the credentials, please click on "Update", to complete the deletion.

You need to type 'delete' to deactive the connection + click on 'validate credentials' + 'update'


All support-related information should be provided here. Contact information for your support - in case a customer needs help with the activation/configuration of the integration or has any issues/errors. 

Any additional helpful information can be provided here as well, such as links to any FAQ’s, contact information for any price requests, common errors and potential solutions to those errors.

In case there are any questions, support is available either from within your The Selection Lab via chat, or via email: