Discover the legal dream job that matches your unique personality

Don't stress over choices!

After graduation, many students are stressed out about their future job choices. Not surprising, because which of the countless companies is your perfect workplace?

We can help you. Based on a 30-minute personality test, we will compare your profile with those of happy and successful employees at legal organizations throughout the Netherlands. Does their profile resemble yours and does the organization meet your requirements and expectations? Then our algorithm will match you up with them. 

This way you don't have to worry about writing long application letters and you stay in control! If you are also completely convinced, we will arrange a job interview for you! 

We will do this all for free, doesn't that sound great?

Find your dream job

How it works:

Round 1
Make the assessment
You'll start with a personality questionnaire that takes about 30 minutes to complete. This is a multiple choice questionnaire that you can complete in your own time. It is also possible to make this questionnaire on your phone.

With the results, we identify what type of person you are and what you believe is important in your career. You will also receive an extensive personality report about this.
Round 2
Upload your CV and qualifications
Once we've assessed your personality and preferences, you can upload your CV and qualifications. Only the firms that you match very well with, can see your personality, CV, and mark sheets and invite you for an interview. This way, you will never experience any disadvantage of joining, but you will increase your chances of finding your dream job enormously!
Round 2
Round 3
Organisations approach you
Writing cover letters is a thing of the past. With The Selection Lab, organisations will approach you! Only organisations that you have a very good match with can approach you. You are 100% free to respond positively or negatively. You are in control!
Round 4
Get invited for a live interview
If both you and the organisation are positive about the match, there will be a live interview. This is the moment where the regular application round can begin! At this point, you're both a lot more confident about your case. 
Round 4
Ready to find your dream job?
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In which cities are the participating offices of the Talent Pool located?

Currently, the offices are located in several locations. Some cities where these offices are based include Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Arnhem, and Utrecht. Additionally, there's even an office on the Caribbean island of Curaçao!

Why should I use the Talent Pool?

We understand that it might not be entirely clear why you should use the Talent Pool. It has several advantages that make your application process much easier. For example, you no longer have to write long application letters: offices will approach you based on your profile. That's the second advantage: you no longer have to endlessly call and email to apply at offices. Since the offices approach you, this saves you a lot of time and effort. Perhaps most importantly, the Talent Pool ensures that you end up in a workplace that fits your personality and preferences. By mapping out your competencies and core values, we can find an office that matches. This increases the chance of you finding a job where you feel completely at home!

What is the purpose of the personality test?

The personality test provides insight into your preferences regarding competencies (what you're good at), core values (what you find important), and culture (the type of environment you'd like to work in). With this information, we search for an office or organization that aligns well with your preferences. This ensures that the offices that approach you fit your preferences.

How long does this process take?

Filling out the personality test takes about 30 minutes. From that moment, your application is complete, and we'll start looking for a suitable office! Because it depends on your preferences and those of the offices, it's difficult to give an exact indication of how long this process will take. As long as you are registered, you are known in our system, and we will search for the right fit!

What kind of positions are the offices looking for?

Because various offices participate in the Talent Pool, the available positions vary greatly. Some examples include student interns, trainee lawyers, legal advisors, and appellate lawyers. Of course, the demand is constantly changing, so unfortunately, there is no clear answer.

I have been working in the legal field for several years, is this relevant for me?

Absolutely! From the legal side of the Talent Pool, there is increasing demand for mid-level professionals to fill their positions. Therefore, signing up for the Talent Pool can be extra beneficial for you!

What happens to my data?

We process your (personal) data in full compliance with GDPR. This means we only share your data with organizations that match your preferences regarding location and size. Additionally, you can withdraw your application at any time. When you do so, all your data will be removed from our system.

Is the Talent Pool only for students?

No! Although the platform was initially focused on students, there is increasing demand from the legal side for applications with more work experience. So, as a graduate and/or professional, this can also be very valuable for you!

I plan to travel/I am currently traveling, can I still apply?

Yes, you can still apply! When applying, you can easily indicate when you will be available (for example, in a year). This ensures you don't forget to apply, and you'll be approached when you're ready.

I'm still working on my bachelor's/master's degree, can I still apply?

Yes, it's actually very smart to apply! Many offices participating in the Talent Pool are looking for student interns or working students. Additionally, you can easily indicate when you'll be looking for a job (for example, in a year). This way, you can get an idea of your preferences in advance, and you'll be approached when you're ready.

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