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Measure soft skills of candidates via your Teamtailor account.

Find out your candidates' soft skills quickly and easily by using the assessment technology of The Selection Lab from within your Teamtailor account.
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Our assessment technology is built to:

Integrate easily with Teamtailor

With our ready-to-go integration, you are only a few clicks away from using our assessments within your Teamtailor account. Manage everything in one place.

Show which candidates match the best

With our match score, every candidate is scored based on the extent to which their scores match the scores of the benchmark.

Learn a lot about your candidates

For each candidate their competencies, motives, cultural preferences and intelligence are shown in one clear overview.

Save costs

The assessment software is (very) affordable. The pricing is based on the functionalities and number of candidates per year. Starts at €8 per candidate or €42 per month.

Know what questions to ask

Based on the outcomes of the assessment and the requirements for a specific job, a custom-made structured interview guide is generated.

Understand without training

Our matching software is so easy to use, no training or certification is necessary. Everyone can understand the outcome.

Create a wow-experience

With our seamless and beautifully designed experience, your candidates will be impressed. Especially as the whole experience will have the look and feel of your own brand.

How it works:

With The Selection Lab, you can invite your candidates for an online soft skill assessment. Assessment results become available as reports that can be opened from within Teamtailor. First, the candidate obtains its own results, whereafter it can decide to share it with you. In case the result is shared, a magic link will take you to the report right from within the candidate's profile in Teamtailor.

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