Use artificial intelligence to select those candidates who resemble your
top performers the most

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We aim to revolutionize the quest of hiring the best people by discovering what makes people excellent in what they do.


In our lab we use people data and e-assessments to determine which applicants are ideal for your company.


By combining our state of the art algorithm with your experience and intuition as an hiring expert, we can discover what personality traits are predictive for success at your company. And start finding and selecting the very best candidates for your company.

Our vision


the benefits


Use science to select the best

No more guessing who are the best applicants. With The Selection Lab you´ll know. 

Employing the best people is crucial for almost any company. Our machine learning algorithm helps you to select them by calculating which of the applicants resemble your top performing staff members the most. This is determined by personality and IQ tests, their experience and other characteristics. 

Increase retention and lower burn-outs

When people leave your company it can hurt. It can hurt morale, your knowledge base and it will costs time and money to replace that person. Research shows that the financial costs can be as 100% of an annual salary. And burnouts can costs you even more. 

Our algorithm helps you select those people who are most likely to stay. And least likely to have a burn-out. 

Offer an awesome candidate experience

These days great candidates have plenty of great companies to choose from. This makes it increasingly hard to keep candidates motivated throughout the somewhat tedious interview process.

The smooth candidate flow, beautifully designed e-assessment and the insightful personality report of The Selection Lab will not only keep candidates motivated, they will increase the WOW-experience which will make them want to work for your organization even more. 

Save a lot of time

Tired of reading countless résumés and cover letters? Let the algorithm of The Selection Lab do the work for you!


You only provide us with the data that you have (don´t worry, we don´t need much). If necessary we´ll reach out to your current staff members and applicants to send them a few (additional) tests. By analyzing all the results we determine which candidates are the most suited. 

Unbiased algorithms increase diversity

Research shows that despite it all, people will always remain biased. But The Selection Lab algorithm isn´t.


By using people analytics in your selection procedure, you will increase diversity and locate talent which otherwise might have gone unnoticed. 

How we work

1. Collect

2. Analyze

3. Screen

4. Interview

We collect and structure the data on your staff. And supplement it The Fit™ data.

Our algorithm  determines which characteristics determine success.

We screen new applicants and provide a list with the best candidates based on evidence.

And then it is your turn. Interview the best candidates and pick the winners.



“Top employees outperform average employees by up to eight times. To stay ahead, leading companies identify, attract, develop, and retain these top employees. How do they do it? By developing a people strategy that is based on data and analytics.”​




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